Throughout the pokémon world there are many organizations that exist. On this page you will find brief descriptions of these organizations as well as links to pages that go into greater detail (eventually).

The Celadon Rose Order: In the Kanto region there are tales of an order of beautiful women who are trained in the art of murder. It is believed that this order originated in the Celadon Duchy as a means of protecting the royalty of Celadon and has since evolved into a group of assassin that branch throughout many regions though their loyalty to the royalty of Celadon is said to be unquestionable.

The Cerulean Trading Company: The duchy of Cerulean is the base of one of the largest trading company's in the world through them many of the plants goods are transferred  in between regions.

The College of Logic: The College of Logic is an institute comprised of many intellectuals and professors who have come together in the pursuit of higher knowledge.

Team Rocket: In the Kanto region there exists a group of organized criminals known as team rocket who are known for raiding the roads of Kanto and stealing pokémon from licensed trainers.

The Disciples of the Black Fog: It is said in the Duchy of Lavender a percent of humans are born with the gift to see through time. Often these select few humans are taken at a young age by an order who believe in an entity known as the Black Fog.

The Path of One Thousand Arms: The path is the largest religious organization in all the world. They have spread through all the world and have actually manage to have ties with most if not all or the governments in the world.

The Psiad: The Psiad is a group founded centuries ago dedicated to the discovery of those with psychic potential and the refinement of their abilities.

The Fuschian Shinobi: In the duchy of Fuchsia their is an order of ninja who exist to serve and protect the royalty of Fuchsia.

The Elite Guard: In many regions there are elite pokémon trainers who have high ranking in the government in Kanto this takes the form of the elite guard.  The elite guard are trainers who completed the pokémon league and have been hired by Kanto's royalty to serve a guards of the country and advisers.

The Riddlers: The Riddlers are a group of thieves who have been terrorizing the duchy if Cinnabar for over a decade they are known for leaving notes with riddles in place of the objects they steal.

The Crimson Scales: The Crimson scales are one of the most populous mercenary companies in the world they have a guild hall in every major city in the world and take on many requests ranging from things like guarding caravans on deliveries to slaying powerful pokémon who endanger villages.

The Knights of the Evolution Stones: In the town of Amethyst in the Indigio duchy there is an order of knights that have an extreme fascination with evolution stones and who have a strong belief that the pokémon they produce are vastly superior to others.

The Dragon Clan: In the Johto region there exists a clan who have dedicated their lives to training dragons and to worshipping the dragon deities of the world.


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